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“Well, now she has you,” Lily said. “She’s convenient.”

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“It’s okay, little one. It will be okay.” He felt Raeden rubbing his back gently and through the thick haze of remorse that shrouded his soul, he wondered how he could do that with his ravaged, unbandaged fingers.
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‘She approached Nathan, and questioned him back what he did to you… He wasn’t ashamed, and he admitted to it all… That’s when she went at him…’

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“Yes, well you should be! It was incredibly rude,” Oilivia snarled snobbishly.
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“Do you guys really deliberate on this is necessary?” Callia asked as her friend dragged her away.

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“Four years or so,” he admitted sheepishly.
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John left the room to use my bathroom, and I went to turn my laptop off, noticed I had a new email from Em.

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The other man got unsteadily to his feet and left the harbour. He returned just as an ambulance pulled up out the front.
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