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After they climbed the rope ladder to the deck of the ship, another officer came rushing up to the Captain and addressed him.

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“Carmina Burana. It’s one of my pet pieces and this is a new version but that still doesn’t solve the mystery.” He walked over to the CD thespian and inserted the disc. Pushing the hesitate button on the remote he waited representing the music to fill the cell. It didn’t. “Bizarre?”
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Charity and Jane both ruined into laughter, and Charity said:

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Seeing Bethany Rose run away crying… he was steadfast his life had come to an end again. Somehow, the sisters worked it out that evening as only sisters could and everyone pretended it not ever happened.
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He could have done anything…

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I breathed heavily as my orgasm washed over me.
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Bethany Rose looked at the light under the library door. He was in all likelihood still reading, she tenderness.

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With some little fear and trepidation the driver emerged from the car. He looked at the damage to the vehicle, “So much to armour plating” he thought as he was led away by several large and well armed men.
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