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Christmas morning, 1931

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“Oh, well it took you long sufficient. I knocked at least three times.”
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I stared at him in anxious confusion. “In English?”

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“Good heavens no. If you can’t eat it all we won’t be overthrow.” Turning to the husband. “Will you pour dear?”
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I laughed and fired an email back again.

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‘Mmmm yes!’ she moaned through her teeth.
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Chuckling, Colby shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t recognize. It capability be like this here all the time. I heard it was a hot place, and it certainly is. Not all lesbian bars are like this. Distant in Seattle there are bars that are at best nice, to some quiet places to get a salute with friends where you won’t give the impression judged. Some are more like this, and then of course there are all sorts in between.”

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“I meant I couldn’t not touch you anymore, or kiss you. I was about to try and then you started crying and I didn’t know why you were crying and then you made your speech and then you tried to throw me out.”
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