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“I hate to keep repeating myself, Mum but I don’t want to see him or hear about him and I most definitely don’t demand to talk to him. These days please stop.” Her voice became harsh as her irritation increased. “If you can’t drop the subject I’ll arrest talking to you. Now — enough!”

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“John, please… harder…” His mouth trailing softly over my neck, my collarbones.
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Colby watched as Suzanne lifted her head. There was a little thread of counterpart that went from her mouth to the shining fog nipple. The raw passion in Suzanne’s eyes sent a shudder through Colby’s remains. Licking her lips broke the thread, but only added to how anacreontic Suzanne looked. Her lithe body wiggled as she moved downward. A teeny-weeny portion of Colby’s mind noted just how thin Suzanne was, but instantly reassured herself that things would be better now. It was a hanker time coming, but she was finally healing.

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“Please, no discussion wide our daughter’s shacking up life,” Lucas said with a grumble. Callia giggled and glanced at Cooper who wore an unreadable expression on his face.
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