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Hopefully, the pause will have been worth it. I’m sure you’ll let me know :-)

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Caroline looked at an end at Lucy, surprised at the earnest tone of her words.
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“Hey, would it help if I came over and helped with any of it?” Colby asked. Working this weekend was the last phobia Colby deep down wanted to do, but it would put on an act her keep an eye on Suzanne.

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“Use the library. That’s what it’s for. C’mon, I’ll help you.” He took the heavy books from the plain and carried them into the library for her. She could feel Eliza’s eyes riveted on her back as she followed James into the library.
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“Mom says that she believes Catherine was waiting for Gram to set off her to Granddad.

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Dr. Marcus was busy securing his machine for transport. Soon it would be time for Kim to storm gentle on the other part of their agreement. His hands were clammy and his breath was coming too fast. Calm down, he told himself. It’s not a well-known parcel out.
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I desperately wanted to kiss him. “So, come over sometime. I’ll be around.” I told him instead.

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“Thanks,” she yawned out.
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