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Realising that his wife was about to commence into a tirade, Mike gestured sympathetically to Greg reassuring to easy reach him while shepherding his exceptionally angry chain out of the door. Greg’s shoulders slumped realising he was right back where he started and felt significantly worse knowing he had brought Veronica onto Tori’s shoulders. Greg’s self pity was interrupted by Mike’s head popping around the door once more,

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“Look, the cops know where you are and have planned a not much reception panel for you so be very, exceedingly fastidious.”
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I almost gagged when I realized the cold liquid she was attempting to take over me with was orange juice. Rather than I dutifully choked it down to preserve her feelings. It wasn’t her sin that I didn’t care for the bitter taste of anything citrus flavored. I was extremely relieved when I heard her set the glass aside.

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“Alright beach walk it is. Which style do you wish for to go?”
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