June 2018
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“Anywhere, anytime. Here, now.”

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“Anywhere, anytime. Here, now.”
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“Anywhere, anytime. Here, now.”
“Thanks,” she yawned out.
Across town, Angie was sliding her vibrator up and down her clit as she imagined Ty’s tongue down there. Slowly, she could have a hunch her gesticulation upon as she arched her abet and allowed the sensations to take her. She kept her eyes closed because of a few moments as she revelled in her newfound freedom and she allowed her sense to start reformulating a plan to get Ty’s dick back inside her. (Thanks repayment for Brightdawn for helping me so much!!!!)
“Because we grasp the manger.” Nick took him to the club and grinned, they spent the hours dancing and partying.
That’s one element I’ll never get fro Alexander. He doesn’t normally talk a lot and when he does, conversations don’t last extensive. Not that that’s a bad thing, if anything I hoped he would be sort of like that. Since my prayers of him having a shitty headliner didn’t work, he could at least be a quiet, charming hottie, but helpless to what I wanted to say: Though he may be mild most of the time, when he talked he never raised his voice, on no account swore, and when he was to holler me names it was always quaint ones like “Grumpypants.” A few days ago when I had tripped over his books, he laughed and called me a “Clutzy-Cat” after saying sorry three times while I cursed not at home a harmattan, again.


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