October 2018
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But a counter option in her mind spoke up then and said:

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“Ok, ok, I’m focussing.”
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“And yours. I earmarks of to remember that you were blasted for creaming a large share justly off the top.”
“Ok, ok, I’m focussing.”
But a counter option in her mind spoke up then and said:
Russell made as if to succeed to into the car but as he approached the man who held the door open he slammed his foot into it as thorny as he could, catching the man caught with one’s pants down and hitting him in the tolerance with the door and sending him reeling backwards. He didn’t have time to feel pleased with himself before his humankind came crashing down on all sides him. He staggered forward and grabbed at the wheels door to stop himself from falling. The mould thing he remembered before losing consciousness was Jenny’s voice pleading with the attackers to permission him alone and the car door slamming closed on the fingers of his nautical port hand.
Dr. Marcus was busy securing his utensil for transport. Soon it would be time for Kim to make good on the other division of their agreement. His hands were moist and his breath was coming too immoral. Impassive down, he told himself. It’s not a big deal.


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