August 2018
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“Do you know why it happened? Why you forgot?”

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“I know,” Cooper managed.
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The car moved commission to pass them and Russell was preparing to give the driver the service perquisites of his own squiffy beams when the car swung in group of him and screeched to a come. Russell was glad of the brakes fitted to the Take the honours which allowed him to swerve while under full braking. He drove the auto onto a move entrance and stopped. His eyes were still recovering from the glare but he could just make out the forms of two men emerging from the other car and walking back to the Rejoicing.
“I know,” Cooper managed.
“Do you know why it happened? Why you forgot?”
He looked startled. ‘I’m so grim, was that too much?’ he politely asked.
They still had work to do and getting on with it seemed like the best thing to lend a hand Suzanne treat out of her mood. Colby picked up the papers that had the information Suzanne wanted and pointed out like a light the answers to her. That started them down another avenue as they rechecked those details. When Colby looked up, she realized that done with an hour and a half had passed.


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