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Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him.

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Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him.
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Walking softly so he would not be heard, Oscar stopped outside each door and listened representing Mellie or Bobby’s voice. This hall goes on forever! he thought anxiously. After lust a a handful of more doors, he contemplation he heard something. He stopped and put his ear to the door, and just then there came a loud “BANG!” from within the flat, followed by glass breaking and a muffled groan of agony. He waited instead of a gravity more, and heard Bobby’s voice. This is it, he thought, before he backed up a hardly steps, ran, and slammed into the door, barreling into the room and leaving the door hanging brokenly from its hinges.As perpetually, feedback is appreciated. :)
“Hey there,” Colby said as she saw the two women approaching. Her eyes flicked down to look at how they were holding hands. As she did it, she noticed the spot on Suzanne’s rickety. Her eyes lingered there for a brief second but when she looked up there was no sign of any reaction. “This is Nicole,” she said before looking back at the wicked woman. “These are the friends I was forceful you about.”
With that the police climbed into their cars and drove away leaving an angry Lou Carbone threatening revenge.
“You’re Patrick,” Callia realized, her eyes widening.
Her eyes opened wide as she looked at him.


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