December 2017
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“I don’t know, Blaine.”

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“I don’t know, Blaine.”
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“Well, let’s go,” Colby said as she opened the trunk for Suzanne. It only took a few seconds before everything was in it. As Suzanne slid into the car and shut the door, the faded odour of Colby surrounded her. It was not overwhelming but unmistakably hers. Notwithstanding last shades of night, Suzanne breathed it in deep. “Jeez, she smells so good,” she thought. “Focal point,” she added, “you can do this.”
‘I told him I had to discontinue, but he blocked the door …’
Before I could stop myself a loud cry tore from my lips as I tried to billow out of the overly soft bed. I couldn’t stop but wince as I heard her foot falls coming from the living room into the bedroom. Thoughtless of the critical ache that she couldn’t possibly have known that I had, she flicked on the taper switch. That one trifling action, sent a torrent of pain into my brain that seemed to consume my entire body, as the room was flooded with a hundred watts of illumination. I was helpless to do more than bury my effrontery into the pillow, pleading with her to kill the lights.
“I don’t know, Blaine.”
Raeden grinned. “Morfing as a last resort makes me super hungering.”


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