December 2017
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“It didn’t when you were my national help.”

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“It didn’t when you were my national help.”
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“It didn’t when you were my national help.”
All the usual occurrences that go worker-in-hand with high school dances occurred. Someone spiked the punch toward the end of the night, causing at least three teachers to get tipsy. Chaperones walked around sternly telling couples to dance with less gyrations, and couples did so until the chaperones were once again off of view. Two girls on the Homecoming Court dissolved into sobs when the captain of the Comfort Squad was crowned Queen, and all the girls went plumb loco when Bobby was crowned King. Rumors of a pluck in the parking quantity floated around, but no one knew if they were true, and everybody agreed that the DJ needed to stop playing country music.
New York 01 August 1995:
“Oh, God…” he moaned, lost in his own rush.
Mr Finchley poured three pints and placed them on the barricade in front of them. The three of them were silent for the sake of several seconds while they savoured the beer. Jane lowered her tankard and licked the white beer moustache from her top lip. “I was to be fair wasn’t I?”


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