October 2018
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“Em, they are definitely not friendlies. And that poor demoiselle appears to be a prisoner or slave or something.”

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He saved me. As soon as I had heard his voice, everything else in the conjure up faded away. There was no more blood, no bodies, no explosions.
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Once Nathan caught his breath, he responded, “Cats and gardening? What here me?” He inhaled and small breath, waiting to hear how he might fit into her plans.

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Suzanne threw her arms all about Chloe and gave her a big cuddle. “You almost left without telling me that?” she admonished Chloe. “That’s wonderful. Congratulations! Of headway, we’ll come down,” she said.
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“What…are you doing?!”

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“I’m glad we did. I count you do call,” Colby said with a smile. Looking over at the two other women, Colby hesitated. She wasn’t unshakable if she should be surprised that they were kissing but it seemed awkward to cease them.
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