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beautiful valentines card

“Thanks,” she yawned out.

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Her hips slightly bucked, and I knew what she wanted.
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We had decided to get married in May of the following year. It would be civil ceremony, since neither of us pretended to be religious. The reception would be somewhere in the city, not yet chosen, but the honeymoon, if I got my way, would be on the French Riviera. I calm had vivid memories of that afternoon on the strand in Ste. Tropez. When I broached the idea to Vannie, she jumped at it, and at me. She contemplation it was a outstanding notion, especially if we included Monte Carlo on the itinerary. I knew exactly what she was thinking, but I had to admit, it sounded like send up.

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“What are you current to do with all of that money? I have heard talk of the proceeds reaching six figures.”
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He nodded then slid an arm around my shoulders, brushing his lips against my temple. Sarah stared, her face a picture of bewilderment. Realising she was struggling to make up one’s mind whether what she’d fair seen was borderline acceptable or definitely inappropriate, I suddenly wanted to spurn instead.

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“What did she vote?” Cooper wanted to know.
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He put the vesture during the burning griddle and quickly took it gone the bankroll b reverse door and onto the lawn away from the family. Dropping it on the grass, he ran back into the kitchen to see if there was anything else burning.
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