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“Fine try, son, but Tina no more than lets herself in the kitchen on Christmas. I’m lucky I’m not skinned breathing.”

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“So, where’s my room?” Kate asked while trying to control her feelings.
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He grinned again, looking for all the world like a small chum about to show nutty a new toy. “Wait for.” Reaching into the shower, he tapped at the keypad. There was a defective’s postponement, adequacy time exchange for him to back out of the way then the water spray began, a steady, modest stream. “Now,” he said, smiling back at me. “You can have this. Or,” he prodded at the keypad again and the water pressure increased perhaps five fold, pounding down into the tray like torrential fall, “this.” Another quick tap and the water began pulsing, spurting from the shower head in cunning bursts. “Great when you need a manipulate.”

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Later that evening, the three men met on the veranda, looking out into the darkness. Jim had walked around, making sure there were no listening children anywhere near…
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