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There are assorted disturbing matters surrounding this case that have led to the proliferation of Conspiracy Theories:

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He was still holding my hand as we walked on to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Caitlin’s eyes widening when we arrived in my mother’s area. “Hi,” she said, not quite managing to cover her floor as she stared at me and then Luke, her welcoming smile a barely too overwhelming. “I was just telling Gillie that I thought you’d be here soon.”
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“Eliza! Oh, Eliza…” She held her sister to her. “We’re home.”

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I hadn’t had a betide to bolt. Within moments of seeing the cherubic-looking child, her jocular mater had emerged from the bathroom, clad in cream satin pyjamas. A gigantic, translucent girl, perhaps a little younger than me, with over-bleached blonde hair, roots sorely in need of a touch up. We’d stood looking at each other for what could only have been seconds but seemed considerably longer.
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“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

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I really wanted to maintain that I didn’t sadness, but my curiosity got the better of me,
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