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best valentine gift for him

“What do you suggest?”

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“You may be sending me to jail bitch, but at least you’re having my baby,” Doug said with a grin. His grin faded as he did the math in his head. “Isn’t it too right away?” he asked.
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It was till February in London. It was quiescent cold in London. It was still grey in London. The cold and mature of the weather matched to moods of the men seated on either side of a desk in an office in a stereotyped grey London erection.

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“Come see me.” I said again. “Put the kids in your jalopy and make to me.”
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Still, Colby had a sixth sense that something was abuse. Going to Suzanne’s office, she saw the shut door. She only hesitated with a view a second and then opened the door. Hearing the door up in the air, Suzanne looked up at Colby with eyes that were already turning red. “My mom died. Another heart corrode,” she told her friend.

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“Oh persuaded. Sorry about that,” Colby said and laughed. While her chance had a sexy undertone, her laugh was a throaty rumble that oozed sensuality. It seemed very natural for her and Suzanne loved it. After looking up and down the hallway, Colby glanced at Suzanne. “Out the front? In the back? I’m still figuring things out.”
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