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Jerry’s arrival back at the hotel coincided with the changing of the guard. His publication on the scene was greeted with the now usual look of consternation on the faces of the watchers. He took the cancel to his bottom and strolled unconcernedly past the repairman who was still carrying out his non-existent repairs. He was greeted not later than the others and the announcement that they had decided to abandon the high profile presence at the hotel and go to ground somewhere. The obsolescent for cat and mouse being over.

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Now he was shocked. “Viv it’s your institute’s funeral, I don’t think that’s such a right idea.”
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“Not bad.” He said with a shrug. “Except in my make a beeline for head up we never left that bed, so I found it pretty hard to concentrate all broad daylight. I’ve compiled a mental inventory of all the things I want to do to you. It’s a pretty long list.” He solely watched me, smiling, as I went red. I never blushed this much.

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“Perfect,” Blaine smiled as he watched Chad wonder around the kitchenette, cracking eggs into a skillet and whisking at once.
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