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“Yes, we met at the trial.”

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“Yes, we met at the trial.”
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I rolled my eyes before creeping up onto my butt. I had a pounding headache from yesterdays meltdown, so I quickly placed my head onto my knees as Alex sat down next time, putting his shoulder on all sides of me. I stiffened and I think he sensed that because he chuckled, patting my shoulder.

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I mentally talked to myself as I began to cry quietly.
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She placed a kiss to my cheek as she tightened the towel all over my waist. She picked up the fresh pair of clothes on the chip and lead me back to my room.

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“Sure,” Claire murmured, not looking up. Matt nodded and headed uphold to the infirmary.
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“You could be right but it is of little consequence straighten up immediately, we have…” Burroughs never got to finish his statement.

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You’re perfect just the way you are – Katie xo~ Fearless
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