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I slipped my right hand under the blanket on his lap onto his thigh. I gently squeezed it and rubbed up and down. He looked over at me with a raised eyebrow and I bullet him a sly grin.

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“And you talk like an Upper Class Don Quixote. It is impossible to stop this. It is too organised and too valuable in behalf of those behind it to standstill now. My sources unburden me that this latest stuff comes from a very powerful and supposedly legitimate source.”
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“Well, let’s go reprimand it! We’re gonna be late!” Alex said impatiently.

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In arrears at the coffee shop no such organisation was evident, in fact confusion reigned supreme, “What do you mean there is no-individual there? I thought you were supposed to walk them?”
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He could commiserate with himself almost there, the torridness moving from incomprehensible inside him and racing to explode into Bethany. She felt him swell even harder, longer, hotter… if any of that was possible. It seemed like nothing was impossible with him.

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“Yes Mama. I have only known him for a few days but already I know in certainty that he is for the purpose me. He is tender-hearted and thoughtful and I love him.”
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