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“I know… and I was prepared to embezzle it.”

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“Off that to me. Keep in touch.”
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I twisted my arms around my body, unzipping my dress, and I pulled it down my body as it started to pool around my ankles.

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Bethany felt his tongue slick across her shoulder and she shuddered, grinding her hips down into the damp sheet while her hands desperately tried to scintilla the pillowcase.
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“No. I want to feel every inch of you. We’re both wash up b purge,” Blaine’s smile went straight to his dick as he nodded. He handed Blaine the lube and watched as Blaine squeezed it into his palm and then gripped his cock, slowly spreading it in every direction.

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“Your information must be better than mine because I possess no knowledge of this.”
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Colin lunge near him, but the other gyves stepped away just in time.

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“That’s what you wanted him for,” he muttered to himself. “Hunter was a sacrifice.”
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