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date for valentine

“Did you try Bethany?”

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Then Sandy looked over at Suzanne and it was like a spotlight being turned on. Suzanne looked up when she thought Sandy was looking at Colby and those emerald eyes caught her in their gaze. Sandy’s smile was dazzling. When she put down Suzanne’s drink, she leaned down over the table. “I expectation you enjoy,” she said. Her voice was a throaty purr. “Let me discern if you want something else.” She smiled again and then slowly straightened up. On one occasion again, there was a little peek at Colby before walking away. Putting the tray under her arm, she had even more waggle in her hips heading back to the bar.
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Matthew watched in diversion as his captain sprang to follow his sister-in-law’s brusque order. William returned with the entire pitcher, and found Caroline brushing the garbage from her shakedown’s hair.

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“You told him about Luke?” Carrie gasped
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