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e valentines card

“Guess who we proverb today?”

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James, though, had noticed the change in her attitude and in due course took her continual betimes in the morning along the lakeshore and then back up into the hills. When they slowed to cool down, he picked her up and carried her into the water. “Oh, no, you don’t!” she laughed and he dropped her into the waves and went down with her.
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He sat there in silence. “Eliza, it’s not like that and you recollect it.”

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“Would you like a pre-honeymoon?” Russell’s minister asked.
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With my earnest thanks to Tory_del_Ricoh, for the sake reminding me to be true to myself…

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“I think,” John said echoing her exhaustion.
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“Next Monday. So I’ll only escape one more day.”

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The dispute came as a complete stagger to Russell, who was enchanted away guard for a moment and had to have in mind very quickly before answering. “It belongs to the men with whom we are working, why?”
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