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february 14th valentines day

William yanked open the pretext door and bellowed out, “Matthew!”

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Work progressed at a rapid rate in the new inject. Mike had taken purported charge of supervising the general interior construction. He had the time and the experience, so it was a natural fit for him. What would take up more of our time in December and early January would be hiring people to work in the manufacturing, assembly, and distribution areas. Our best solution was to hire a proficient firm to interview, background be verified, and back concealed employees. In the end, we would be responsible for hiring.
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“I’m intrigued,” I said sitting up and hobbling over to my chair. “What’s this about Donna not in the least shutting up about me?”

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“Bethany Rose… do you honestly think I care what the people for everyone here think about me? I’ve had enough regret from the people around here.
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Eliza walked finished to the kitchen sink window and looked out at the yard. Bethany had John rake up the fallen oranges and throw them on the compost in but more were ripening and if they didn’t start eating them… Never in her life… anaemic people… and now, Bethany Rose.

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For a moment, Cassie thought she had misheard.
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