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fifty shades valentines

“And I purposely lured you out here and forced you against the wall to kiss you equitable so she could miss one’s footing across us…” I went on, lightly sarcastically and made as if to struggle to get my arms back. John chuckled quietly and stole another deep drugging say farewell to.

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Even though they were alone, she whispered, “Tonight, darling, tonight.”
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“Eliza,” she quickly said, trying to change her sister’s notoriety to something else. “Can I have some coffee, please?”

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“Ah, so Carl was right, after all.”
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“What do you mean you have lost another two?”

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John was gently licking my penis still, lapping up my cum, when I opened my eyes. “John.” I whispered. He looked up and smiled in a definitely sultry manner. He had cum on his face. He slowly licked his lips while I watched. I gave a half crazed sounding lampoon. Immortal, he was gorgeous.
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