September 2018
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Up the hill past the Baha’i holy place Jerry had pulled away to a hundred and fifty metre lead so he slowed down so that they didn’t miss his turn into Powderworks Direction before he once more accelerated away from them. The hours spent driving around checking the lie of the land was about to remunerate dividends.

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“Let’s date!” Thomas said enthusiastically from behind him suddenly, causing Blaine to jump and work up around.
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“Tonight, my dear, I shall be brought up to you again. And again and again, until neither of us can even think of moving. I am going to fuck you until the bake rises and we should prefer to to part,” he whispered, watching the waves of lust roll into her beautiful eyes again. Kissing her once more, he let out a small candidly bow and exited.

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Before he had much of a unforeseen to react, Jill pushed him away with her bare feet. He lifted his hips and she very soon jerked his sweatpants down before straddling his lap. Jill hovered for a moment before easing herself down onto him, a guttural sound escaping her throat once she was completely filled.
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