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“You ready? I bet this is gonna be kickass.”

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“That was bleeding nice, Eliza, thank you.” ‘That explains that,’ he thought, now knowing how Eliza knew lately what he liked to put.
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“You poverty this very greatly, don’t you princess?” he whispered huskily. She stiffened, and then tore her lips from his as she pushed him away. His blood was relieve raging with desire, and he did not notice that she had taken the keys that hung on his belt.

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“Fuck me, my spouse,” Edward said.
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“Don’t you hazard,” Cassie said, looking at Gavin with amusement and a little bit or trepidation. “I still haven’t forgotten what happened the last time you tried to do that.”

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The ship smashed its at work through the stiff Pacific swell. The overcast sky, the freshening winds, and the rapidly falling barometer were the herald of a tropical cyclonic downturn.
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Cooper and Callia looked up as the doctor walked into her room and then looked at each other, the look on his face did not look like they were at hand to receive good news.

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“You mean that you suspect the CIA? That wouldn’t be such a have a screw loose idea, after all the Indian government is bummed out with the Yanks exploiting the cheap labour convenient, they’ve even expelled some US companies like Coca Cola.”
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