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This story is about this incident and is based on information that is freely available in the public domain. This news when taken in isolation might seem to mean little, but when linked together forms a very large and messy stratagem. Self perpetuating has meant that I have sat on this story after the best bib part of twenty-five years, and as you read it you wish comprehend why.

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“We’ll see what we can command out from this terminus. Russell and I whim be right all about.”
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“I am admitting that,” Nick said with a grin from behind them, Chad groaned and rested his forehead on Blaine’s shoulder. Blaine chuckled and patted his head, kissing his mosque as he pushed away from Chad landing on his feet with grace. Reaching down without bending his knees he grabbed his phone and iPod that had fallen from his pocket.

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“Most of it is still in the bank or invested in what I would consider safe papers. But, the balance of it seems to be invested in several businesses.”
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“…but I perpetually had to be in the mood or it was a letdown…if she’s thinking just one night and you’re not…nice-looking grave…it’s distinguishable when there’s something there, you know?”

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“I didn’t use a condom Laura. I could have gotten you pregnant,” Gray told her, the anxiousness in his eyes and voice made something inside her fade, and made her fall head over heels in love with him. Gray stood up and headed for the bedroom door.
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