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It was four o’clock before he bothered to check on the wench in the office.

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“Mind to me you little bitch, I was hired by Cal to take care of these men and women that should prefer to been working so hard to safeguard their nation. So before you make me request security on your pregnant ass, I suggest turning around and walking out the fucking door!” Before either of them could say anything else, Jake came into the infirmary.
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I felt beyond stupid thinking otherwise and since I had already ignored the firstly part of the movie, I ignored the prop of it and wallowed in my self-pity once more like a big baby. There wasn’t anything to be bugger up about, he didn’t do anything to hurt me, but I felt weird that I liked him so much, but he on the other hand saw me as a moll. A pointless, bitter friend that he would done get worn out of. When the talkie ended, all of the three started happily discussing their favorite parts and what ones were stupid. I tried joining in, but I didn’t even avail attention to it, so I gave up and kept quiet while we nautical port the theater and drove home. I was quiet all the way back to our dorm, lone giving Alex “Mm”s and “Huh.”s when he talked, and I stayed quiet all the withdraw to my bed where I prayed I would at least partake of a becoming reverie.

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“Don’t come conceited with me you little bitch,” Patrick warned.
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“Suzanne?” Her initiator asked. When she didn’t reply, he repeated himself. This time she muttered “What?”

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“Anything in particular?”
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