October 2018
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Keegan hadn’t told his nurse anything, so she had no idea he was a not many minutes away. He was prolonging the moment he’d have to face his parents. His progenitrix had judged him on decisions that caused his current position, so appearing at her front door would but examine that she was right. Notwithstanding how, Bethany’s mother was already at her rest-home after checking her daughter in at the hospital. Keegan hoped that her show would help urge Bethany to misuse her voice and show some sort of progress since the event, but she hardly spared her mother a glance. Because Bethany was checked in after visiting hours, he and her mother had to leave within 10 minutes of arriving. Now Bethany’s mom was expecting him to return to her home so he could answer all of her questions.

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What the luncheon lacked as a attempt, the opera — or more on the nose, the post-opera receiving line — more than made up against. Previously the curtain, the conductor had turned to the box in which Caroline and Sir Edward sat, and the audience had quickly turned his salute into a raucous cheering. Sir Edward pulled Caroline to her feet to react to the applause and add the opera, much to his chagrin, to begin.
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