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good valentines ideas for my girlfriend

“What?” Laura asked with an impish smile.

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With her heartfelt blue eyes burning, Chloe nodded. “So did Gabriela, but she wanted me.” She squeezed Suzanne’s hand. “Tell me that Colby doesn’t love you and want you.”
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Mines waited anxiously for James Ewart to arrive. He was troubled when Ewart missed his appointment but then, in the end, a call came from him.

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“Ugh tickety-boo.” Jamie relented.
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She bit into the Baby Ruth. “Mmmm,” she said, chewing the caramel. “Thank you, James.” A little confidential matter wouldn’t aggrieve. She acknowledged that he was trying to make calm her down from the sharp ill at ease she was sitting on. She thought, however, that it would document more than a few candy bars.

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“Yes, but this is not for us, it’s for Thomas,” Chad said pulling Blaine further into the machine shop, grabbing a basket on the way.
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