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great gift ideas for valentines day

“One team of ‘come and get me’ heels that I bought once for a costume confederate and never wear.

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Thanks to my pretty managing editor, I wouldn’t have been able to have this as polished without you. Also, a magnanimous thanks for all the great feedback on my hardly ever Drama. I know this chapter may start off a bit sad, but stump with it and you’ll think a accurate pygmy surprise at the put an end to. 😉
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“I always will be,” Colby said as she pulled dorsum behind to look at her friend. Regardless of the smeared mascara and crushed mien, she thought Suzanne was as adorable as ever. If anything, her unhappiness made Colby want her more. It took all of her willpower not to kiss Suzanne. As much as she wanted to, Suzanne needed a friend more than anything else. Closing her eyes so she couldn’t see the pretty clock in candid of her, Colby put her head on Suzanne’s shoulder to give her another long stay.

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Getting up and ignoring Tuptim’s concerned meows, Suzanne went through her connection index looking for the benefit of the family doctor’s number. “I know I had it at one point, but it’s not here,” she said to herself. Finally, she start the number of a neighbor. Dialing it, she crossed her fingers it was still good and that someone would be to blame for.
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