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“No,” she gasped, “don’t… keep pushing… harder. Do me.”

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“You’re charmed to be in love,” Emily said and Em noticed sadness.
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He had been specifically systematic on his recent visits, as he had instinctively sensed some discomfort on her part individual months ago. The maid didn’t like him, but he didn’t much care. That little bitch, pretty in her own respect, would be taken care of tonight as well.

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“You are very nice, Piper,” Suzanne said with a little smile. She was mellifluous too. The way she wore her tresses complemented her face, showing her staunch cheekbones. Immediately that she was looking closer, Suzanne noticed Piper had a sprinkling of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Her hazel eyes seemed to glow with warmth.
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The other car ran the red and created havoc as it slewed obliquely through the intersection. The car was what was known as a cafe racer. Murmured to the ground, fancy paint work and massive big wheels, it looked purposeful, was very quick in a arranged line, spectacular but more than a little unsafe on corners. The insufficiency of down weight on the contact surfaces of the tyres negated any advantage of having a lot of rubber on the road leaving the driver to survive with spinning wheels and fishtail slides out of corners.

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The solace he found with her… come hell, he knew Catherine didn’t mind.
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