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Dusk was just extending its ethereal fingers over the view. Surfers were wending their way home from the beaches, colourful surfboards slung firmly on topmost of colourful cars and vans. Zinc cream glowed beneath mirrored sun glasses on the faces that seemed to glow in the red rays of the setting sun. The homeward fixed traffic from the beaches confronted head on the homeward bound traffic from the city. The occupants of these cars watched enviously the burn of cars and wished that the pilgrimage for store wasn’t as dedicated as it was, and that occasionally they could end nonetheless off to enjoy the sun, sand and scenery offered by the beaches.

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“Okay, Grizzlie Adams. What do you hope for to do now?” she inquired as she put her hands on her hips.
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A chirpy, cheerful voice answered the phone immediately:

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“Okay. I’ll start with the list we got give form the Feds and check them out. What we mightiness do is try and flush them manifest.”
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“Have a good measure. I’ll see you when you get following,” Cal told Claire before storming off to his auspices.

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“Yes, Miss Randee, I do.”
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Micah was shamed. Why did he so quickly over she was his…

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“The hash that you’ve been smoking.”
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