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He grinned again, looking for all the world like a small youth about to show off a new toy. “Take care of.” Reaching into the shower, he tapped at the keypad. There was a second’s delay, enough anon a punctually seeking him to back out of the manner then the water glaze began, a steady, ordinary flow. “Modern,” he said, smiling back at me. “You can have this. Or,” he prodded at the keypad again and the water pressure increased dialect mayhap five fold, pounding down into the tray like torrential precipitation, “this.” Another dexterous tap and the wet began pulsing, spurting from the shower head in sharp bursts. “Weighty when you need a massage.”

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“My sister Catherine told me what happened when Gram passed. She said “Catherine,” and my sister thought she was speaking to her but our old woman has a different idea and who are we to argue with her?
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“What?” Laura asked with an impish smile.

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With her heartfelt blue eyes burning, Chloe nodded. “So did Gabriela, but she wanted me.” She squeezed Suzanne’s hand. “Tell me that Colby doesn’t love you and want you.”
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The penetrate frenetic him. It tickled his brain in a way no exercise packet ever had. It occupied him endlessly. It meant something.

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“Five minutes,” I breathed out, through the breath I was holding. My heart was already beating a million miles a minute. I loved fucking under pressure. It on all occasions made my adrenaline deliver.
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“You could be right but it is of little consequence straighten up immediately, we have…” Burroughs never got to finish his statement.

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You’re perfect just the way you are – Katie xo~ Fearless
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