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“I know… and I was prepared to embezzle it.”

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“Off that to me. Keep in touch.”
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The first light stopped me. My heart was smooth pounding and the shock still washed over me.

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A look of understanding passed over the woman’s face. “Ahh, you must be Ms. Donovan. Nice to meet you,” the woman said, holding entirely her calligraphy control. “Mr. Ashford and his associates are keen to make the acquaintance of you,” she added, smiling. “This way, see fit.”
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“It’s cold out here. I yearning to go conversant with.” Blaine kicked the snow and scowled, he did love shopping but not with Chad, if Blaine saw something he liked the look of he would show Chad, for future reference, but as in the last as Chad spotted it he bought it. It was pissing Blaine off in a big through.

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“That used to be my room,” she said. “I actually loved this place.”
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“Only us. Only for ever us. I promise,”

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“There’s some matter we don’t like about you and those nigger women you got in the house. That Ewart bastard, he seems bulky interested in that bookkeeper of his.
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