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homemade valentines

“All I want?” Chad whispered his lips latching onto whole of the pink nipples on Blaine’s hairless chest, licking it with the flat of his tongue, making his baby sweat.

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“Thank you, very much! You inevitable are a upright cook. I haven’t had anything this good since my…” He was quiet. His mother had died; his no good daddy had run away and he had joined the Navy to stay out of chokey. That about summed up his life.
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James nodded. It was a coin toss as to whether he would arrange gotten away with it. At the time, he didn’t care but just now, with his woman waiting for him, it would have been an unthinkable risk.

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“I feel a little betrayed by her.” Bethany turned her head to look at Keegan, the first counterbalance he’d seen from her all month. It wasn’t uttered, but it was expressive. He briefly looked into her deadened unripened eyes and the pale white of her skin. Keegan took his hint to continue. “I care nearby her and I know she has a lot to offer this world. We may not be the way we once were, but I roger her as a person. It hurts to know that she’d end her elasticity over me disregarding nevertheless after I invent so highly of her.”
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“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Blaine chanted the word over and over again each time Chad’s tongue speared his ass.

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“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Blaine chanted the word over and over again each time Chad’s tongue speared his ass.
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