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“Never mix business with pleasure,” she said lightly as she winked at him.

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“Wow,” he said, finally releasing the breath he’d been holding in. “You look preposterous.”
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After they climbed the rope ladder to the deck of the ship, another officer came rushing up to the Captain and addressed him.

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“Carmina Burana. It’s one of my pet pieces and this is a new version but that still doesn’t solve the mystery.” He walked over to the CD thespian and inserted the disc. Pushing the hesitate button on the remote he waited representing the music to fill the cell. It didn’t. “Bizarre?”
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“Cut yourself some slack,” Derek agreed from behind Lucas.

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“Cut yourself some slack,” Derek agreed from behind Lucas.
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“Hello there,” he said as sat down across from her. “Did you order nevertheless? I’m starving.”

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“How much?” Raeden growled.
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