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“You have heard the news then? We are on our at work once again there. I just rang to signify that we are all right and for you not to worry helter-skelter us.”

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“We intercepted that mortal physically on his way back to London and relieved him of the papers before he could deliver them. At no time did he have the occasion to double them so there must have been another transcript somewhere else, but where?”
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“Good,” Cal said before turning to permission. “Jake, we have a briefing,” he added as he exited the room. Jake gave one more carom Claire’s way before following his boss to the briefing room.

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Looking around him to check if anyone was watching and discovery themselves un-observed, Jamieson leaned across the index and kissed her. Jane reached out her boost and held him lightly behind the head. “I don’t usually do this but something about you last night made me demand to get twisted in this case and with you. I hope it doesn’t compromise your work.”
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