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how to celebrate valentine day with husband

“I promise you don’t intend to kill him yourself.”

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“He and I and Lady Stanhope are to share the stage at the hop to be confirmed by the Queen. Now if you two ladies will allow me, I must ask this lovely heroine for a dance.”
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IrishSmileLili stood nervously as Dave walked slowly into her apartment. The look on his deal could only have been described as abhorrence as he clasped his hands behind his back.

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Caroline put her hand on William’s arm, her eyes widening in sympathy.
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“I love you too,” Danny said as he watched Jessica walk away.

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Oh wait, yeah, what the hell I’m talking about? We’re wolves for crying evasion loud! We have mating sex in front of hundreds of watchful horny eyes! Yeah, who I am to complain about privacy??
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