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Bethany looked up at the laze about of the family. “What?”

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Bethany looked up at the laze about of the family. “What?”
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Saturday in June. Lambent, sunny, short-tempered and beautiful. We decided to meet in a small part of the suburbs that was kind of an open air park walk. About two miles of shops, restaurants and bars. Bad for people watching, and completely anonymous. We’d meet at the coffee shop on the corner.

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“Yes. And I love you too, Aidan.”
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“What did you do to them?” Jenny asked as she came into the room.

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As the miscellany started to threaten the night, his thoughts turned to Ella, and some of the other girls Hunter had brought through during his obsolescent as barman. “They settle accounts with me,” he thought in their direction, “so that they can have you.” He glanced out the window at the billowing snow. “What does that make me?” Then, at last, he slept.
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“We’re, ah…closed,” he stammered, without knowing why.

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“Listen Buddy! You have our protection benefit of as long as you continue to get results. The half a mo that you start fucking up you will find that your protection is under assessment. If you continue to fuck up, as you two have done continually on this assignment, your preservation will be withdrawn. That is the put on show kettle of fish.”
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And that starts it. He’s not pussyfooting around it anymore, making his own demands, laying in his expectations. And I’m defending the stock we made, trying to stick with that and I’m being an idiot about it, saying things, bad things, but I’m so fucking angry, so fucking tired and I can see it all ending, ending tonight, right right away, and I don’t be that, I don’t. And I’m growling any more, like an animal, so fucking frustrated, like I haven’t got words anymore, barely containing the rage, but is it rage, I wonder? Is that really it? I’m so mystifying and now I’m fucking pissed at myself because the things I’ve said, they’re enough to end it upright by themselves, like I’m the one taking this away from myself, ending it myself so he can’t do it, can’t do it to me.

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“The only medication I’m on,” Callia answered, digging with the aid the bag more.
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“Did you recollect about this?”

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“I’ll work from the sporting house then. I’m not quitting.” Cassie said, finally turning around.
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