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Jack Connelly sighed. He knew his daughter was well over the age of needing coddling, but he couldn’t help it. Since his helpmate died giving birth to Cass, she was all he had. Jack had built the shipping empire that is family had started to be the most prominent in the world, and he had a lot to show for it. He also made sure that he, and most of all, his daughter was safe at all costs. He worried constantly not far from her.

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“Come since me,” Chad ordered as he sped up his hand and fingers, scissoring them gently, grinning widely. Blaine shook his head furiously, he couldn’t come again. He whimpered as Chad’s palm swept over the head of his cock and another spurt of cum oozed almost lazily out, Chad helped him through his orgasm at length sitting up and looming over him.
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“You ‘forbid’ it? I’m 28 years old. I can make my own decisions.”

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“Should I be seated to this?”
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“Spoken like the true working class copper that you are.”

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His eye caught a tag line instead of her latest fish story: Ben learns to obey. His curiosity got the better of him and he started to read.
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“No, I’ll be OK, there… I’m fine now, I’ll just be a itty-bitty more chary. Must be the aftereffects.”

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“Have you? Favourable. It’s about time we’ve had some grandchildren in our family. Only, maybe you should tell Kate about it.”
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