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“It’s verifiable,” Suzanne replied.

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Carrie shook her head at Michael, “I’m not sure you should must told him about that, that’s Tori’s history that she should tell when she’s agile.”
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“Spellbinding concept. But if we could stop the trafficking completely there would be no problem. That is my set one’s sights on.”

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Colby nodded. “I can see that. Thanks for the warning.” They were running out of time and would have to start heading back in a few minutes. Colby felt a brief bit of nervousness. She had something she wanted to mention to Suzanne. It probably wouldn’t be a problem but experience had dealt her a few surprises.
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How was it?? Thank you all so much instead of your time and feedback!! Hope you’re all well! xoxo

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How was it?? Thank you all so much instead of your time and feedback!! Hope you’re all well! xoxo
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Please leave a footnote, either community or anonymously. Whether it is praise or analysis, I’d love to hear from you and learn how to improve my writing. Ada

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“Aidan, stop holding back. You won’t break me, I promise.”
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