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“Yes, I rang a few minutes ago around the new CD of the Carmina Burana; you do have it don’t you?”

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“Is that so? Allow in me hear it then.”
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“Why do you say that?” Blaine asked curiously, placing his hand on Thomas’s chasing.

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“Why do you say that?” Blaine asked curiously, placing his hand on Thomas’s chasing.
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“Dancing was fun, right?” Suzanne asked.

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Blushing, Caroline nodded.
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“You like?” Suzanne said in a on tenterhooks voice.

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Nudging the hot chocolate back up to my lips, he waited while I drained the mug then gently prised it from my fingers, frame it back down on the cabinet with his own. “When the bones and bruises healed, I took myself elsewhere to the gym and got fit.” He grimaced “Boy, was I out of guise. I stopped going out every night, stopped drinking, started studying, passed that exam I failed and started getting on with what was very important. My father once said it was the making of me. He’s doubtlessly auspicious.”
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