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making valentines cards

“Mmm?” he mumbled against Blaine’s ass, not willing to leave unless absolutely necessary.

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“Would you have swallowed another curb’s cum?”
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He climbed two trees near the camp with the long pointed pieces of driftwood strapped to his back. He secured them in rank with the vines he had used before and ran them down to the clay. He then connected them in trip wire fashion on three sides to the approach to the hut. When he was done he had it well-founded like the first patch when it had worked to great efficiency on the drug runners. Only this time he worried that Em might be right. The chances were greater these guys would approach in daylight after sleeping mistaken their drunk. They might more easily see the blunder wires. If they totally avoided the trap then their chances of survival diminished largely.

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They had no sooner administered the epidural then Laura walked in. “Oh my God Callie, I’m so penitent!” she exclaimed as the doctor walked out of the room
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“Next Monday. So I’ll only escape one more day.”

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The dispute came as a complete stagger to Russell, who was enchanted away guard for a moment and had to have in mind very quickly before answering. “It belongs to the men with whom we are working, why?”
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