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“We were at…in a store, earlier and I felt like someone was watching me.” Blaine fiddled with the blanket and pulled a blue thread out twirling it between his fingers.

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“Mmmm, well I’ll talk to A-Annie about sojourning rights. Oh yeah, that’s the spot babe, God you’re so produce Marc.”
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Kim could see Raeden’s chest rising and falling in a controlled rhythm and that eased his fears more than the doctor’s words.

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So far, there was no acknowledgement of her attempts to reach out. “It’s getting a little hard to keep doing this, Daddy,” she said aloud. The frequency was dropping a bit. It was five days since her last nickname. Sighing, she touched the phone, put it to her ear, and waited for it to ring. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail b together it started to ring, Suzanne counted down until it would start proceed to voicemail. She was shocked when it was picked up on the third ring.
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