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The policeman took a warrant card from his wallet. Jenny looked at it briefly and handed it back. As straight away as he had formerly larboard she wrote a name and number on a piece of paper and. picking up the phone dialled the number of the newspaper office. When Brian answered she gave him a précis of the events and asked if he could find out anything about the policeman.

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She showered and changed into jeans and a windcheater, covered her sparse pallid hair with a blonde wig and tucked the whole lot into a woollen cap and wrapping her … deux in a woollen scarf, not so much to screen herself from the common cold because it wasn’t, but to bedclothes her thin, haggard face from view before venturing forth into the bustle of rush hour Novel York. She figured that she would be harder to catch in a crowd than on a friendless avenue, if such a phobia ever existed in New York and she was not yet ready for them to find her.
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The look of running feet reached them seconds before the feet’s owners arrived. “Step aside please!” The go Paramedic shouted.

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“Dick thought I was crazy. I… Bethany, Catherine told me it was them. It was THEM, Bethany, it was them. She knew them from the reverend’s church.”
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“No, sir,” he blurted out.

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He couldn’t leave his wife and children behind, to burden forgotten, no matter what plans the future had for him.
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