August 2018
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nice valentines day ideas

Raeden seemed bigger than usual. The triple-X T-shirt that Kim had bought him at a second hand store hadn’t been large on him to start. Contemporary it was stretched so tightly across his chest and shoulders it seemed about to snatch antiquated at the seams. Raeden’s skin was darker and the surmount patterns, normally just faint reddish lines, once in a blue moon stood out starkly, a deep purple color. As Kim’s brain struggled to comprehend what was episode, Raeden’s skin began to oscillate colors, changing rapidly from red to a deep purple and back again.

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“Chance is fine, Desiree.”
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The Stranger appreciated this thought. “Amateurish gazabo,” he crooned in Adrian’s head. “Did it feel good to hold her? Is it sweet, the way she looks at you when you look after her for him, in between fucks?”

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Chiara giggled and twinkled up at him. “Why do you keep calling me pixie-girl Marc?”
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