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personalized valentines

In a pail of ice three bottles of French champagne waited. Outlawing or not, New Year’s Eve required the bubbly wine. These particular ones had gone through the canal and then up the littoral to San Pedro. A few dollars here and there did wonders to right away move special merchandise around.

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“So, what’s your plan then?” Nathan continued to watch the water. Something in the back of his mind desperately hoped that his renown would loosely transpire b emerge completely of her mouth as she explained her future.
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“Eliza,” she quickly said, trying to change her sister’s notoriety to something else. “Can I have some coffee, please?”

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“Ah, so Carl was right, after all.”
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I looked up at the clock. 45 minutes. “Internet manipulation is $20 an hour. So, $15 will cover it.”

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At least that is what the arms were intended to be used for but in fact they were being used to cover the drug crops that these same warlords were cultivating and selling to the CIA.
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