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“Thanks a a quantity, Eliza, thanks a lot. I’ve quiet got another ten pounds to live through. As far as the boys associate with, I haven’t asked. I figured we’re doing most of the work.”

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He hesitated, then nodded once.
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And then Clara was crying again, and again she wasn’t sure why.

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“Scott, is this really necessary?” Kate said in a serious tone, suddenly tired of the game.
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“I don’t be acquainted with what your friends are playing at,” The American accent winged its freedom electronically from Langley to London, “They have succeeded in making the local talent look like a smock of incompetent fools and perfectly stuffing up any chance we have had to sadden to them, while at the same time starting something of a gang struggle amongst the organised gangs around the place.”

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He’s here! I be conscious of giddy, like a kid at Chuck ‘E Cheese. I saw him walk in with the regardless friend he was with the other night. Unfortunately, I’m across the room.
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